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Biz Foundation: Intro

Hi + Welcome!

I am so so excited you have decided to join this amazing oil journey with me!! In the following weeks I am going to help guide you through using your oils, helping share them with others & teach you the skills you need to learn to actually make money with doTERRA.

Here is how it will work, for the next 7 weeks you will be getting a new topic that will be laced with tons of info, videos, worksheets & even some challenges to really put these topics into actions. As the weeks progress I will be building on each of these topics & concepts to really help give you the full doTERRA picture of what it means to do this as a “business” & to help you build your own tribe of people!

This group will be your tour guide. The person that invited you to be apart of this group is your mentor & I know they would love for you to reach out to them, lean on them, and they will help you through this learning process.

We are in this together!

Ok, with all of that being said, let’s begin!!